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Nifty options buying has limited risk but unlimited profit potential, I am going to teach you a trading strategy that can easily multiply your trading capital (money).

Chances of NF drifting lower are higher, while the upside looks largely capped 11, level, which is its day moving averages. Those who have access to large chunks of cash reserves. Now here first thing to do is start looking at the Nifty futures chart i. Therefore, put a full stop to all your recurring losses. Trackbacks […] of expiry I will share next month file and give you an update.

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This star has good past performance in trading Nifty Call & Put options, also has 4 year experience in Nifty and Bank Nifty trading. Now lets check his Contract based performance. Result: Above Star has made consistent profit in Nifty Put & Call options trades, so you can follow him for Nifty option trades.

So if you have Rs. If you are unable to find any decent pullbacks in nifty future, then you can always look at its stocks.

The golden rule of options trading lies in trading in the direction of a medium-term trend if you are buying, or look to go against the trend if you are writing options. Also, avoid overtrading, as many discounted brokers offer less brokerage. Bhaveek Patel is one of the most successful traders, technical analyst, and investor, his areas of interest include stock market, forex, and gold trading.

Apart from this, he is often seen in the golf course. He is having more than 10 years of experience in trading, had placed his first order on 19 June with IndiaInfoline. This nifty price is of which year friend? Nifty touched now railing at this is of which year? Let us have a discussion some time around binary as well as what we could do to make it better for anyone. Your approach to binary options is different than most of the different blogs I go through, I am impressed.

I am options trader myself, but have seen uncertain days where trading is not possible or lack of opportunities. I am a bit confused on should i trade on options or stocks for intraday. We are providing all the services stock market and commodity market. You need to carefully understand the market […]. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

You Should Read This: Nifty Options Strategy for Falling Markets down Trend When markets are in down trend, you can still make large amount of money by trading nifty options. Here is an example for you, when markets are in downtrend you should always wait for pullback It's a known fact that time premiums of all the out of the money options becomes Zero at the end of Expiry because they carry only time value. Delta neutral techniques are the backbones to avoid losses when markets go in one direction suddenly.

Most of the retail investors buy call options if the markets are going up or put options if the markets are coming down and success rate is very low in view of theta time effect on time premiums of the options and most of the beginners who do not have basic knowledge of Option Premiums and Option Greeks lose very heavily in this trade. Knowledge of Option Greeks Delta, Theta, Gama, and Vega is a must for all the option traders and one should become familiar with options premium calculating software and all these are covered in our workshops and make you familiar with various strategies to fetch consistent monthly returns irrespective of market direction.

The more knowledge you gain in this direction, the more you are successful in the stock market trading. Our Knowledge Center gives you the basic idea of options, the time of using them, effect of theta and Vega on all the strategies and profit and loss possibilities. You can have a regular look at our News section. In addition to all these, we will cover one strategy every month regularly in our website in detail and you can update your Knowledge if you are a regular visitor to our website.

We supply a detailed Booklet which gives you abundant knowledge and you can master many strategies if you thoroughly go through them. Generally, this calculator is sold in the market and where as you can get it free of cost if u attend our workshop. I strongly feel all that is happening because most of the new comers into option trading do not have any knowledge of THETA Time value of options and they just buy the options with a fond hope of getting huge returns.

Now after attending the 8 hour grueling session conducted by eminent Banker, highly experienced trainer in financial modules, I got the full confidence in option writing using non directional delta neutral trading strategies suggested by him and started getting consistent returns. I sincerely thank the faculty very much. I have started trading from 14th of Nov by using Delta neutral option writing strategies and I have already got a profit of 2.