Arnaque FOREX: une escroquerie qui s’organise à partir d’Israël ?

FOREX information A good way to present this country is to say that it is a Mediterranean country where the old Arab culture meets the modern west. Please visit the popular resorts along the coast, as long as you don’t forget to go to Jerusalem.

En quoi consistent ces escroqueries?

Après le Forex, le Diamant…

Après le Forex, le Diamant En réalité, cela ne se passe jamais comme prévu. Parce que les diamants proposés à la vente ne valent pas grand-chose, que leur prix est surévalué, et que l’investisseur ne revoit quasiment jamais son argent.

Ces sociétés opèrent partout en Europe sous différents noms. Mais elles sont souvent basées en Israël. A Ramat Gan bien sûr, mais également à Tel-Aviv. Leurs sites internet sont alléchants et bien conçus. En réalité, cela ne se passe jamais comme prévu. Plusieurs de ces plateformes téléphoniques opèrent actuellement à partir de la région de Tel-Aviv. En Israël même où sont installées ces sociétés, la Knesset étudie une législation susceptible de limiter leurs abus.

Voir la biographie de Serge Dumont. Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. Nos avocats référents spécialisés dans la cybercriminalité vous accompagnent dans toutes les démarches précontentieuses et contentieuses. The currency market is actually the biggest financial market in the world. Most of the trading in this market is not for speculation purposes using rate changes, but for hedging purposes or savings of countries.

The Forex market is a market that the trading takes place among more than 4, banks and, therefore, it works 24 hours 5 days a week continuously. This situation brought about a situation in which the private trader, who wants to Trade in Forex, needs a broker. Therefore, in recent years hundreds of private companies that provide the private trader with Forex trading platform have been created. Today, there are dozens of companies of all sizes, from small family firms of up to 20 employees and large and well-based companies with over employees.

Most companies are concentrated in the central region, but they can also be found in the Sharon area, Haifa, and even Jerusalem. Most companies work with overseas clients and, therefore, there is a need for foreign languages speakers as English, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, etc. The companies are structured as Internet companies.

The conditions are excellent especially for immigrants who find a decent job with fantastic salary already from the first day in Israel. It is important to note that in this field there are not only companies that sell their trading platforms for private clients, but also satellite companies such as technology companies that develop trading systems, media companies that provide Forex leads and marketing solutions to companies, content companies operating portals in the capital market, etc.

In sales, the big advantage is the high salary for an entry level position, because of the bonuses and commissions for recruiting new customers. Forex sales personnel get a week of training in all companies before starting work.

Here you can find a variety of jobs of foremen, shift managers, desks managers, centers and sales managers. Besides, there are retention manager jobs. These positions require experience and good knowledge of Forex trading. The objective of this position is to help, maintain and run the client on the market. Every marketing department has a design department, which hires designers who know how to build banner ads and landing pages.