Multi Smash Forex 4in1 EURUSD mt4

Any MetaTrader4 broker compatible. Though they may work, but all it takes is one mistake and you loose your entire investment. Searching for a trading statement? Without knowledge of underlying market that the EA is working on, you are bound to foul up even when given the 'best' EA on a silver platter This EA has a protection function in that the EA is not allowed to open positions above a spread to be set.

Forex Robot Ideal Scalper EA

I made more than spent on it! Finally, I must admit that it looks good and I can recommend it to all. If you have any questions just contact me I often warn my members of importance to watch a market behavior, follow news and never trade in hurry.

Unfortunately, only full-time traders may afford it. Most of you often ask for a universal robot that may manage flat and ranging market within the same algorithm. It sounds contradicting and looks impossible. But not for Green Forex Group! We developed and united in one the whole system of algorithms. Two heads are better than one, and what about 4 at once? And note, its price could be just 4 times higher of a sale that we offer.

We highly recommend Forex Multi Robot to any complete novice. Forex Multi Robot will be equally useful to either advanced or professional traders to broaden their tool sets. Profit is also higher as you may expect. Here are the latest results of 1-month trading: Searching for a trading statement? Please do not worry, you will find all that within this page.

What does these " pips" mean? Yes, it all depends on your Lot and leverage. To trade safely and grow your account you need to remember our trading recommendations. Increasing your Lot Size will lead to an increase in your potential earnings, but at the same time it increases the odds of possible losses.

Sometimes we are asked why would we show such low numbers as our baseline. Indeed, there are some companies out there, who, in order to lure a customer in, resort to false promises of quite unrealistic earnings just to sell their products. Each of its 4 core-algorithms is specially optimized to detect some certain favorable conditions. The basic of Forex Multi Robot performance may be shortly presented as: In case hedging is available with your broker, one of the core-algorithms would trade using this advantage and place Buy and Sell orders at the same time.

Data from every core-algorithm is collected, synchronized and filtered in order to define a best moment to enter and to exit a trade. All and any order of Forex Multi Robot is placed automatically when there is a condition for it according with the strategy. Not only it places it, but secures with fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss.

All orders are extra secured by adjustable and very sensitive Trailing Care system. It allows increasing the gains even more. There is always a point in our life when things have to work for us. We considered and implemented all your wishes that you share so often with us: Both Profit and Stop Loss trailing possibility.

And finally, we launched it so you would have a chance to improve your financial state and spare more time for your friends and family. NONE of the indicators can be compared with a good robot. Truly, Expert Advisors are the greatest achievement of our time. Well, there is another question arising, do you always know HOW exactly to adjust to it? Spare yourself from this stress and let Forex Multi Robot do its work.

Market analysis, time-shift detection, most sensitive. Trailing system and unique 4 core-algorithms technology make our Forex Multi Robot an exceptional one out of many others. We always share results of our testing with you so you could see the real way our products work.

Lot Size was fixed as 1. NO other participation from our part. Just installed it and left a PC running in the main office. The results of our forward test showed the following:. Check the statement to see trades frequency, average Stop Loss, Take Profit and other details: Even with the safest micro Lot as 0. And if you have a bigger Lot Size?

Firstly, some poor products may be tuned to show fantastic results during back-testing, however, once in a real trade, they completely destroy the deposit.

Secondly, some traders doing back-testing, trust blindly any results, without having sufficient qualifications to conduct the tests properly. That is why we recommend testing any products only in real time after a demo trading is completed. Serious traders, before they install ANY Robot on a real account, initially test it on demo-accounts of different brokers. Afterwards, they put it on a micro-account, where they trade with smallest deposit and ONLY afterwards, having a sufficient enough knowledge of how it performs, do they make a conscious decision to put it on a real account - or not.

Mind that each and every customer has 30 days to test our product. Count the steps yourself: Occasionally, from time to time, you could glance at your Account History to follow results of your trades.

We continually perfect our products and all subsequent updates are offered to our users completely free of charge. However, in order for you to receive updates, please make sure that you get a legal copy of our product. We support our products throughout the entire lifespan of the program. Our friendly support operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Note, Forex Multi Robot is based on 4 core-algorithms technology and may substitute 4 other robots but for the price of one.

It is a good deal for all professional and novice traders. OK, so where do I begin? Up and running in 10, 9, Download and install MetaTrader 4 from any Forex broker. In just minutes Forex Daily Robot can start making money for you. Today or tomorrow you will already see your first profits.

In just a week the profit will be noticeable. And in a month you could double your initial deposit and realize that this is the best product around. While other traders may already have first results of their own Let just cover some of them.

Forex Multi Robot is based of reliable and perfectly balanced system of different strategies to trade during any market. It also contains flat filters and improved safety system. Forex Multi Robot is almost trend-independent. For instance, it detects flat and reduces trades frequency in order to keep your account safe. While some other software tracks the market behavior, follow the trend and often STILL makes mistakes, our product performs reliable under any conditions.

Our 4 main core-algorithms have been devised in such a way, that while minimizing the risks, it nevertheless allows for the robot to be extremely profitable. Trailing and fixed SL and TP are very much responsible for that.

Forex Multi Robot can do with all major brokers if they offer MetaTrader4. Thanks for sharing, good information. Join Date Aug Posts Fa Turbo is working good for me.

Join Date Jan Posts 1. I have 13 of the top selling forex trading robots on a real time test. See the results at: Join Date Nov Posts For those who uses fapturbo. What kind of results are you gettimg? Join Date Feb Posts 2. Works with digits brokers. Trading times are adjustable. Manual adjustment possibilities Magic Number. Minimum Equity to Stop the EA. Stop losses for each strategy.

Take profit for each strategy. Trading time Sunday open time. Close trades after session close. Close trades at Friday close. Entry Percent - Your entry risk based on your equity value. Entry Lots - Your Lot size value. Use Spread Protection - Select if you want to use maximum spread protection. Maximum Spread points - Maximum allowed spread to open a position. Minimum Equity - Stop opening new trades, close all trades and disable the EA when equity is below X amount.

Sunday Open - start trading time on Sunday. Enter time in seconds when the EA starts opening positions on Sundays.