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Pete’s Restaurant Equipment has been a strong partner in the success of our restaurant. From there assistance in fitting out our kitchen, to repairing and replacing equipment in a timely fashion, there level of service has been invaluable.

Also shop in Also shop in. With an established legacy of helping clients overcome complex challenges, we expanded our global presence into Southeast Asia. It was rewarding enough. What inspires and motivates Trey?

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Pete’s Restaurant Equipment has been a strong partner in the success of our restaurant. From there assistance in fitting out our kitchen, to repairing and replacing equipment in a timely fashion, there level of service has been invaluable.

Trey Obering leads our Directed Energy innovation team working with clients across the Department of Defense DoD and intelligence communities. He leads the acquisition program management and logistics functional community at Booz Allen, developing and improving the skills of our hundreds of acquisition and logistics professionals. Before he joined Booz Allen, Trey led a comprehensive review of the National Reconnaissance Office for the Director, National Intelligence, providing a new organizational charter.

Trey retired from the U. Air Force as a lieutenant general with more than 35 years of experience in space and defense systems development, integration, and operations. He received his pilot wings in and flew operational assignments in the F-4E.

Later, he was assigned to the Space Shuttle program and participated in 15 space shuttle launches as a NASA orbiter project engineer and was responsible for integrating firing room launch operations. In , he received the prestigious University of Notre Dame Rev. William Corby Award recognizing alumni who have led a distinguished military career. He received a B. Why is Booz Allen an ideal firm for your skills and expertise?

Secondly, Booz Allen has a very broad reach and we can help our government clients across a broad spectrum. And finally there were two individuals who came to Booz Allen before me who were retired general officers like myself that I highly respected. I figured if they gave their imprimatur to Booz Allen, that was good enough for me…and that was right. Where do you see the firm going in the next years? What are some of the biggest untapped opportunities in directed energy? As I mentioned earlier, missile defense is a great opportunity for a speed of light weapon like directed energy.

And of course there are other applications such as using high power microwave devices to shut down enemy weapon systems in densely populated environments, laser communications, directed energy propulsion and energy transfer that we are just beginning to explore their full potential. What are your top tips for managing and motivating people? There are four attributes of leadership I think are most important. Second is to have human empathy and understanding. The third is courage. Not just physical courage, but mental courage.

You have to be able to stand up when you think something wrong is happening, even if it involves your leadership. The fourth one is the most important, and that is integrity. What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an astronaut, and I came close. I applied and was involved in the process, but then during the course of a qualifying physical they found a problem I had that disqualified me. But I still got involved with the space shuttle, even on the ground.

It was rewarding enough. Because in the military, in my year career, we moved 16 times. That one really grabbed my attention because of the attempt to explain and understand the physical operation and origins of the universe.

Learn more by exploring our current openings. Investors Media Center Contracting Locations. A very special opportunity to own a rare, signed work by this contempora EA edition of only and custom framed as well. COA provided on back. Published by Zdzislaw Museum Book is in very good- condition.

There is no underlining or writing in the book. He suffered multiple stab wounds, and police said there were no signs of fo Reproduction of Zdzislaw Beksinski's painting. Your generous contribution will support essential research, anti-trafficking programs, captive breeding, and education.

The Red Siskin Initiative is a partnership of many who strongly believe that we still have time to prevent extinction. Red Siskin Chocolate December 13, A Venezuelan coffee roaster have created a limited-edition chocolate bar.

Field Research on Guyana, Puerto Rico and Venezuela September 30, Rangers are banding birds, studying movement patterns, and collecting blood samples for genetic research with support from the Mohamed Bin Zayed Foundation.

Understanding the Red Siskin: Understanding Red Siskin's habitat May 15, Ada Sanchez Mercado is completing work on a habitat model for Red Siskins in Venezuela that will be submitted for publication in a scientific journal. Raising more Red Siskins March 31, The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, Center for Species Survival recently established a captive population of Red Siskins for the purpose of conducting research and developing protocols on husbandry, care, health, breeding and management.

First 10 Red Siskin genomes have been sequenced March 15, The RSI is excited to announce that we have sequenced the entire genome of ten wild Red Siskin individuals, five each from Venezuela and Guyana, including a recently assembled high coverage reference genome that will serve as the backbone of our conservation genomics program. Red Siskin Distribution Once abundant across northern Venezuela, today it is a very rare bird.