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Company incorporation and set-up of documents It takes approximately one week for the company to be formed. These funds are not going to be blocked and may be used for the business itself, set-up infrastructure, expansion etc.

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world's fastest & low-priced fully-regulated & supervised forex/brokerage & cryptocurrency license granted by the national bank of georgia. brokerage without frontiers!

Your counterparts will surely appreciate this facility and allow smooth working without Money Laundering concerns that often destroy these days priceless business and other relationships. The Report emphasizes the simplicity and reliability of the Georgian tax system. Then, our Georgian lawyers will prepare the Power of Attorney. With this POA and your passport you visit your local Notary Public and certify your signature, by undersigning in the presence of your NP.

Arrange Apostille for the passport's notarization and apply for the Police Clearance Certificate with Apostille too.

Courier all to the designated address we will provide in due course including copies of certificates, reference letters, diplomas etc. Company incorporation and set-up of documents It takes approximately one week for the company to be formed. We will provide a 2nd Director for your company. This "Nominee" Director should be responsible for the opening of Bank Accounts and also fulfill the regulatory requirement that at least one member of the Board of Directors resides at least fourteen days per month in Georgia.

The Step 2 includes also everything to apply for the license; all company, regulatory documentation; renting the small office space; etc. All these activities should be conducted in Georgian language. It usually takes up to 3 weeks to obtain. The 2nd Director will open the bank accounts and submit all codes, credit cards, online banking co-ordinates etc in sealed envelopes via courier to you.

Also a Tax Advisor will be appointed for you. Full Brokerage License package including company, documents set-up, licensing support, bank account openings, office address. Interesting videos about Forex, Trading, etc. Started by Daniel , , Sharing interesting links related to Trading, Forex, Markets, etc. Grab yourself a Dedicated Server at a bargain! Started by brandon , , Would any of you like to do business together?

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